My path has been driven so far by my interests in technology and the human mind. The daughter of an electrical engineer and a librarian, I have been tinkering with computers and gadgets since as long as I can remember. In high school I was a volunteer webmaster for my school’s website, which soon led to a part-time job at a web design agency at the tender age of 15.

At university I fell in love with psychology and became fascinated by how the mind adapts (for better or worse) to stimuli within an environment. At UC Davis, I was a volunteer research assistant on a bunch of interesting projects, doing anything from interviewing young school children about morality to operating an MRI machine. Working in user experience design taught me how to apply my research skills to design projects in a commercial setting.

While working in usability research, soon became apparent to everyone that I wasn't just a researcher, but also had an innate ability to deconstruct and reimagine patterns and systems. In fact, if you're into MBTI, my type is often referred to as the "systems builder". I enjoy designing complex software, especially for cross-platform products that span desktop/web, mobile, and/or TV. I am freelancing at the moment (check out my CV to see the clients I've worked with). If you have an interesting project feel free to drop me a line.

When I'm not working I enjoy accelerating (usually via things attached to my feet: running, ice skating, alpine skiing), and wandering around in search of medieval pubs and ruins.

I try to get out of the house once in awhile. Here's some google map geekery to show it.